IMG_1418Once upon a time a coffee house was a place for young and old to gather and rekindle relationships while taking a few minutes out of their hectic and stressful lives to enjoy a quality cup of coffee or tea. Bancroft Coffee and Tea café located in the heart of Saginaw’s downtown entertainment district in the historic Bancroft building takes you back to that place where quality ingredients and superior customer service are more important than the bottom line.

Bancroft Coffee and Tea café bridges the gap between our modern hectic world and the slow paced historical era when people sat back and enjoyed a relaxing cup of coffee. Bancroft uses the finest beans available roasted in downtown Chicago in small batches by Metropolis Coffee, the premier roaster in the Midwest providing quality small batch roasting of superior beans that are the envy of the big corporate coffee houses factories.

Bancroft coffee is flown in shortly after roasting and brewed within days to guarantee the finest tasting coffee anywhere. From cultivating the finest beans around the world and then meticulously hand selecting the ripest beans to quality controlled roasting and expert brewing we make sure every step of the process produces the finest most flavorful cup of coffee in all of Michigan. Anyone can sell coffee but if you truly appreciate the flavor of quality coffee roasted with some of the most expensive beans in the world we believe you will appreciate the difference our coffee provides.

Next time you order a cup of coffee at one of the chain burger joints, convenience stores, or doughnut shops ask them where their beans were picked, when their beans were roasted and why their coffee tastes so burnt or bitter. Finally thank you for supporting one of the few remaining independent coffee houses run by real baristas rather than corporate bean counters. Bancroft Coffee and Tea café, SAVOR THE EXPERIENCE.